Two Horses

It is a unique and interesting Chinese folk about two horses. It is only a short folk yet has deep meaning.

There were two horses, each of them pulled a van. A horse ran quickly while the other walked slowly.lazy-cartoon-horse

Therefore, the master of these horses moved the slow horse’s carriages to the quick horse – made the quick horse worked harder.

142c3427694db9d5a04a30ac3f3966adThe slow horse laughed, very happy, “Look! More dilligent you are, you will be more exhausted!” But who knows, the master thought, “One horse is enough to pull the van, so why do I have to foster two horses?” 

Finally, the master had the slow horse slained, ate it.

This phenomenon appears very common in economic situation – the Chinese calls it “Phenomenon of Slow Horse.”


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Sometimes We Fear, Because …

Sometimes we fear, because we expect too much from something we’re doing.


Sometimes we fear, because we cannot trust everything…. even for ourselves and God. You are afraid of betrayal.


Sometimes we fear, because we are confused. Will this way take us to the right side, or the wrong side? The last time we are brave and take the risk, then finally we fail… totally fail. So now, will we repeat our mistake again? Brave for stupid choice?


But… really. This universe is totally complex. 

We expect for nothing, at last we gain nothing.

We trust no one. Then we become the paranoid freak, even hurt people who are really kind to us… at last, we become sinful.

We waste time for being confused. At last, when we realize that our choice is right, time has passed away…. the right time has gone. We cannot do the same thing anymore.  

The main reason why we are easily to get fear, because we are lack of confidence. Confidence is the most vital energy for doing everything. To dream, to expect, to trust…. for everything. Simply analyze people surrounding you, you will find that the one who always fear, surely have no confidence.


So, you want to get rid off your fear? Then build your confidence first. More confidence you get, you will get more brave, the fear feeling will diasppear automatically.


Hope this article can help you become better person.


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Kursus Mandarin dan Chinese Medicine – Chinese language course and TCM Course




(For Those who are Domiciled in Indonesia)

Bahasa Mandarin

  1. Kids and Teens Mandarin
  2. Chinese Professional (bisnis, kedokteran, travel, dll)
  3. Adult Mandarin
  4. Daily Mandarin Conversation
  5. HSK Preparation
  6. Preparation for Those who Want to Study in China

Expatriate Class: Foreigners who are interested in studying Indonesian language (taught in Chinese) 想学印尼语及印尼文化的外国人 (中文授课)

Ilmu Sinshe/Chinese Medicine (Herbal, Akupunktur, Tuina, Totok Aura, Bekam, dll)

  1.      Untuk Pemula, Menengah, dan Ahli
  2.      Cara memeriksa pasien ala Chinese-Medicine
  3.      Persiapan Ujian Kompetensi Sinshe
  4.      Kecantikan ala Chinese Medicine
  5.      Chinese Medicine untuk Self-Healing
  6.      Mandarin spesialisasi TCM (termasuk juga belajar menulis resep obat dengan mandarin, membaca literatur dan jurnal TCM, dsb.
  7.   Untuk Praktisi yang sudah berpraktek; bisa mempelajari ilmu lanjutan Chinese Medicine seperti: “XingNao KaiQiao” Style, “Jin San Zhen” Style, Scalp Acupuncture, Neuropathy Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Philosophy, Kitab Klasik TCM (Si Da Jing Dian, Wen Bing Tiao Bian, Jing Yue Quan Shu, dll), dan sebagainya


    Informasi lebih lanjut hubungi 联系电话

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Profil Pengajar


  1. Lulusan Tianjin University of Chinese Medicine, telah menetap di China selama hampir enam tahun. Selama di universitas banyak menerima penghargaan seperti Murid Teladan Tahun Akademis 2006 – 2007 dan 2007 – 2008, peraih beasiswa Chinese Scholarship Council 2008 – 2009, peraih beasiswa Sanjiu Pharmaeutical Scholarship 2009 – 2010, dan menulis tiga artikel yang dimuat di surat kabar Tianjin Metro Express, dua di antaranya mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai Juara Kedua thn 2007 dan Juara Harapan thn 2008.
  2. Lulus HSK level Enam (Level paling tinggi dalam HSK)
  3. Penulis jurnal ilmiah TCM yang dimuat dalam Journal of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine vol 30, Sept 2011 dengan judul 中医药在印度尼西亚的发展情况
  4. Penulis buku “Serba-Serbi TCM”
  5. Penulis blog (Bahasa Indonesia) dan website (Bahasa Inggris)
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  7. Berpengalaman sebagai Sinshe dan Akupunkturis.



天津中医药大学毕业生 ,在中国住了5年多。获得学士学位,并取得好成绩,以及许多奖学金, 比如中国政府来华自学奖学金,三九奖学金等。汉语水平考试 (六级)。主要作品: 发表论文 “中医药在印度尼西亚的发展情况” (天津中医药大学学报, 第30卷,2011年9月) ,以及印尼语中医参考书籍 “Serba-Serbi TCM”。现任Kursus Sinshe Candranaya教师,教学经验 (教中医及中文) 5年。

欢迎参观博客 (印尼语),网站 (英语)。


Chapter 2

The news spread so fast onto Ming Shi’s ears. That young prince moaned.

“That Old Kang definitely plots to topple me, yet he never guesses I have noticed that he is my brother follower. And it must be him who has suggested my father to take writing essay as the subject of tournament, because writing essay is my brother’s talents!”

Ming Shi paced back and forth, totally anxious. He himself was capable in essay-writing, yet he also knew, even if he had trained his literature skills for decades he still could not keep equal to that of his brother. Nonetheless, he did not want to give up so easily. He had desired to acceded to the throne for a long time. No matter what, he must successfully fulfill his desire.

“It is true,” he whispered, his mind was full of strong determination. “No matter what, I must ascend the throne. I am the most suitable person to become the Emperor… My brother may be more expert in essay-writing, therefore I will take another way to surpass him. The way that, I am definitely sure, will totally success.”

Then he smiled – his smile looked so charming that made his handsome face being more handsome.

“My darling, you look so happy now…”

Ming Shi looked at his back, saw a beautiful woman starring back at him with glancing eyes. His smile turned wider.

My victory chess has come. Now it is the time to set it in motion.


If we never go out from our house, we’ll never know that, there are many… many people outside there. We only know that the only human live in this earth is, us.


If we never go out from our country, we’ll never know that there are so many… so many… people different from us, we’ll never know that there are different type of races, different type of cultures, different type of languages,  different from us. What we only know is, our race is the only race in this world.


If we never study something new, we’ll never invent many interesting things like smartphone, internet… we even don’t know that electrics is existed, we’ll live like primordial men.


If we never try, we’ll never know whether we can success or not. We maybe fail, maybe success, the ratio of success and fail is 50:50, but if we never try, we’ll fail forever because, the ratio between success and fail is 0:100.


The success people are, the people who are brave to take the risks. What type of risks? Risk that our failure is worse than our prediction, risk that we’ll lose our friends, risk that we’ll get more enemies, risk that we’ll lose our money, risk that we’ll become sick, or even the worst, risk that we’ll die.


But because we are brave to take the risks, we step farther than other people who are still confusing and never give a try. Nevertheless, please….. don’t just be brave, you also have to be wise. You have to check carefully, which risks are saver for you, and which risks are really dangerous. If the risks are really dangerous, you can learn it carefully instead of being brave and face directly. You’ve learned it, you’ve known how to face it, therefore now you can face it. Take risks without think wise will never make you success.


The most important thing we must have in our life is, wish. Wish to success. Wish to do something new. Wish to being loved. Wish to make our dream come true. Wish to …. everything. Why some people can survive from chronic cancer, and why the others couldn’t? Because of wish. Well, it often happens, although your wish to live is very strong, when God calls you, you’ll still die. But at least, you can live longer than the person who doesn’t have wish to live anymore.


If we do nothing, we’ll know nothing. But to do something, first you should have wish to do it. Wish to do, wisdom, thus brave to face everything.


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Everything in the World is Always Changing

images (2)Everything in this World is Always Changing. The only thing that will never change is, the Change itself.

– Dao De Jing –

One of man’s natural instinct is, like constant/status quo, and hate change. It’s easy to understand since status quo always places us in comfort zone, and change pushes us to go out from this comfort zone. Moreover, when the comfort zone where we are now staying at gives us not only comfort, but also wealth, prestige, and authority to help us get as many worldly desires ny as possible, we will be more afraid to get out from it.

Nevertheless, we have to admit that, we will never stay at our comfort zone forever. Today we are healthy, tomorrow maybe we will get sick; today we are happy, tomorrow we may be sad. Today everything happened is positive, tomorrow maybe – reversed – negative. Our life is unstable, always change time after time. But they who don’t understand the way of change, they who always follow their natural instinct, they would hate to admit the change. The one who always blame God for his/her bad luck is the one who doesn’t understand the way of change.

Everything will always change. Today we are healthy, tomorrow we maybe get sick… but will we get sick forever? Maybe not! The following day we maybe more healthy than today!

Today we are happy, tomorrow we are sad, but the following day we maybe happier than today!

Everything is always changing. Everything is unstable. So if we are forced to get out from our comfort zone, don’t worry, don’t be afraid. Who knows, we would get more better zone outside there!

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When Something Reaches The Maximum Point, It Will…..

One day, when I am going to supermarket, the sun shines brightly. It’s so hot. I sweat so much it makes me very thirsty. And it become worse when no wind is blowing there. It’s simply like being in the hell.

A few hours later, the rain falls. Very heavy. Unfortunately, I forget to bring umbrella, so I am forced to stay at supermarket and wait until the rain stop.

While I stand beside the windows and look outside, I just remember an old idiom, which is very syncronized with this situation.


When Something Reaches The Maximum Point, It Will Turn Into The Opposite Direction

Before, it was very sunny. Very hot. Made me sweated like crazy. But in this time, the rain falls. And it is not a light rain. It is a heavy rain. The wind also blows like the storms. The condition is really contradict with before. It is out of common sense. It is illogical. Yet, it is the fact.

And this fact, the theory of “Something Reaches The Maximum Point Will Turn Into The Opposite Direction”, not only can be used for weather, it also can be applied for everything. Nature, animal, human, earth, … and the abstracts like personality, character, etc.

A, a girl, is a kind one. She is friendly, and likes to help others. She even cares for the animals so much. Anytime the other people treat her badly, she ignore them and continues doing her kind attitude. All of us know the law of cause and effect, but unfortunately, in this complicated world, what happens sometimes contradict to the law. As time goes by, people treat her worsen – they manipulate her, despise her, cheat her, even try to hit her…

And one day, when a boy hits her, she gets a knife and stabs it to that boy, kills him.

So, don’t think a kind person will be harmless to you and you could treat him/her as you like without any harmful compensation.  Many people think that they are strong, that they have big authority to oppress others, that the people they oppress would not fight them back. Actually, they are doing such a stupid things, they’ll never know what will happen with their life in the future.

Everything is always changing.

After I have waited for about two hours, the rain finally stops. Perhaps, waiting for almost two hours just by standing besides the window of supermarket is wasting time, but for me, it makes sense. I get another wisdom from mother nature.


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Chapter 1

THE Country of Han was full with the brilliant, well-educated intellectuals, and they were very proud of it. Furthermore, they were also very diligent, hardworking and optimistic. For that country of Han became the most powerful and wealthy country in the world. Other country’s leaders highly respected Han ruler, Emperor Jing Xing. The Emperor, not only was the most talented in the Country, but also had excellent wisdom in ruling his country and making diplomatic relationship with other countries. And, what the people respected the most was, Emperor Jing Xing got none of concubines; he only got married with a woman – the beautiful Empress Mei.

From their marriage, they had two sons and three daughters. The First Prince Han Hao Shi, the First Princess Han Mei Shi, the Second Princess Han Hua Shi, the Second Prince Han Ming Shi and the youngest princess Han Bao Shi.

The First Prince Han Hao Shi was really a taciturn. He interacted with others so rarely, even with his family. What he liked the most was literature – in this case he liked making poem so much that his talented let his father was really amazed with. However, Emperor Jing Xing was so worried about his first-born son. Nevertheless, Hao Shi was one of princes who might probably ascended the throne, and in order to being a talented leader he had to have capability in interacting with other people.

Being the contrary of the First Prince, the Second Prince Han Ming Shi was a capable youth who could manage good relationship with everybody. From young age he had had a strong-charismatic character. He was knowledgeable, brilliant in arranging tactics and strategies, also being competent in implementing a system of good governance. Everybody so admired, respected him that they dared to determine him as the most suitable person to become the next emperor. The prince himself had the same idea. Ming Shi was also a strong-willed, ambitious youth. His principle was, whatever he wanted, he had to achieve it.

Including to accede to the throne, became the next emperor.

This ambition did not come out without reason, rather it was because something which closely related with his past. It was his past that made him now becoming so strong and brilliant.

One day, Emperor Jing Xing was critically ill. He had taken a lot of drugs, yet he still could not be cured. The Emperor thus took a conclusion that God of Death would soon take him away. Therefore, it had been the time to bequeathe his throne to one of his sons.

The Country of Han owned a unique tradition which was different with other countries in choosing the heir to the throne. They chose the next emperor through the tournament between Emperor’s sons, it was totally diferrent with other countries whose the heir to the throne was the ruler’s eldest son.

Emperor Jing Xing had set accurately when and where the tournament would be held, yet he still had difficulty in choosing the subject for the tournament.

Seemed could be guess the Emperor’s anxiety, Grand Chancellor Kang asked, “Your Majesty, are you worrying about throne inheritance?”

The Emperor sighed, “I have not been able to choose the best subject for this ascending-throne tournament.”

“My Honorably Emperor daring I suggest an idea, for this tournament the subject should be making an essay about political reviews. The prince who writes the best will be the winner, because he must be having the best criteria of being the wise ruler.”

Emperor Jing Xing nodded, he agreed the Grand Chancellor’s idea.


You all have been defeated. Now surrender, accept the Great Emperor Wen Xing as your new head of country.”

The general starred at Chang Emperor sharply. That old emperor, who seemed older because of feeling extremely frustrated, bowed his head, struggled to hide his truly sadnees which actually could make him fainted down right now. No matter what, he had to show his courtesy. He could not let his family, who were trembling behind his back, being more panic and chaotic. This is the time he had to show the Son of Heaven’s pride, even though now he was the Son of Heaven who had lost his power.

Soon Chang Emperor kneeled down, uttered hoarsely, and so did all imperial family. “We accept the Great Emperor Wen Xing as our new head of country…”

Suddenly the Seventh Princess screamed. “What the hell do you want to do?!?”

They immediately turned eyes onto the princess, who now were struggling to realese from a soldier’s dragging. Could not stand for watching his lovely daughter being threatened arbritrarily by the soldiers subjugated his country, Chang Emperor yelled , “We have surrenderred reluctantly, but why did you still have the heart doing such the abruptly things?!”

“Your Majesty, don’t you know that the leader who had lost his power is to follow the instruction from the new ruler and do not have any right to oppose?” General Wei asked coldly. “Grand Chancellor Kang likes your daughter, and for that you should be happy.”

Straightaway the Empress cried, the others bowed their heads depressedly. It had been known spreadly that the very old Grand Chancellor Kang liked the young beauties very much, especially like their princess who was only seventeen.

“You must follow us too!” Another soldier pulled Sixth Princess’s hand. The princess said harshly, “But I have got married!”

“Then, divorce! Your husband’s status is only low government employee, he is not comparable to the Emperor’s Third Uncle who wants to have you as his concubine!”

Automatically Sixth Princess frowned nauseatedly, yet when she saw General Wei whose gaze was very cold and seemed being ready to torture, she could only bow her head, bit her lips to restrain tears which almost streamed down.

“Take all of Chang’s property and carry it to our country!” General Wei gave the other Chang imperial family members cold side glance. “Follow me! You all must move to another place!”

Thus, the Chang imperial family were brought onto their enemy country with prisoner’s cart.

When the cart had just left Chang Palace, all of sudden Chang Emperor fainted down. Empress was really shocked, repeatedly shook her husband’s body. “My Emperor, please wake up!… Oh my Emperor, please not let me worried… Please wake up…”

Chang Emperor truly could not stand for watching the horrible scenery towards him. He really loved his country and the people, and so as the soldiers. And now, he saw Chang soldiers’ corpse laid sprawled tragically, they even lost most of their parts of body, other soldiers were burnt down, others had all part of body being covered by blood. But most terrible was, none of them could be found still alive.


“They are all useless, also incompatible. To let they be alive will only burden us,” Han Grand Commander, General Wei dodged, made self-defense. It was so unacceptable that the act-pompose Imperial Secretary claimed him as sadist slaughterer.

Secretary Li yet still continued his protest, “They are useless maybe just for you yourself, General, but for other people, they are so useful that can be compared with one person’s life…” He turned his eyes onto Emperor Wen Xing. “Your Majesty, what do you think about this?”

“I agree with General Wei,” said that young emperor perfunctory.

Secretary Li bowed his head down, moaned to himself. He was supposed to know the answer that he would receive must be like this. He was supposed to notice that, his Honorable Majesty should not have such a kindly heart. He would not respect other’s life if he need not anything valuable from them. He himself could freely give his idea because the Emperor appreciated his cleverness, otherwise, he was not sure he could still alive right now.

“Oh yes, Secretary Li, how about Commander Chun’s progrees?”

“Commander reports, because of tactics of dividing we have trapped Ming so succesfully that we just need to wait for a while and will subjugate that country immediately.”

“Very well,” Emperor Wen Xing, Han Ming Shi, smiled so satisfied. “So, now only Yeong-Shan, Qi and Khanate from which we have not subdued… just for this moment. But no longer they will fall down to my hands, and The Great Han will rule all the world.”

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Terrorism: How To Deal With Horrible Feelings

Yesterday, on January 14th, at Mall Sarinah, South Jakarta, Indonesia, terrorism had happened (again). There were six explosions, the terrorrists also fought and gunned with policemen. It seemes that the terrorists tend to imitate terrorism in France two months ago, and because they did it at a mall the expats often visit, they plan to spread horror among Indonesian – even among all people around the world, make this terror as worldwide attention.

Today, on January 15th, Jakarta people do their daily activity as usual, as if nothing wrong has occured in this city.

Yes! Jakarta people can ignore their horrible feelings; in fact, they do not worry at all. A Malaysian reporter even said that she was difficult to believe that Jakarta people can do their daily activity without fear. The reporter interviewed a residence, and this was the residence’s answer, “Does fear solve problems? We have to work and make money, anyway. If we are fear we won’t go out and work, and thus we can get no money.”

(More addition; there are some funny jokes and pictures Indonesians make about this terrorisms. If you understand Indonesian you can browse them in internet, it’s really funny~…)

By the way, when the terrorists shot each other with the policemen, many people crowded and watched it when they should hide or run away. Well, I don’t totally agree with their manner, but what I want to say is, the crowds had no fear although they were facing with the most horrific terrorists around the world. It must be contrary with the expectation of terrorists.

images (7)It’s totally what I want to say; Fear Solves Nothing. We are afraid, and it’s the expectation of the terrorists – horror spreads over world, thus Indonesia’s economic fall down. But now we ignore the fear, we face it bravely. The best solution to solve fear is, with facing it. Totally facing it. Don’t reject it, don’t run away from it. Because rejection, also when we run away from problems, won’t make the fear disappear. The fear still exists.

Fear is just a kind of human’s feelings, which is, at some point, gives us such a strong physical sensation – enough strong to make our brain such a tumult. Nevertheless, no matter how strong the feeling is, it’s just a kind of feeling anyway. Feeling is different with reality. Feeling is just feeling. Think like that, I’m sure you can face your fear and finally solve your problems.

images (6)Oh yes, don’t try to dispel the fear. Dispelling the fear is same with rejecting the fear. And the more you reject the fear, the fear will attack you more severely. Be brave is not with rejecting the fear; be brave is facing the fear, with admitting that the fear still exists in our heart yet we ignore it, and still face it.

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